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How to create your own iOS app

You may think that creating your own iOS application is a complicated and lengthy process. But the reality is you do not need to learn a programming language to create your mobile application yourself. Some time ago, the coding way was the only option, but nowadays, a mainstream application creator software is much more visual and intuitive than it was ever before. You can still choose to hire a team of mobile developers, but it may appear a much more expensive way than you think. If you are up to a more affordable option, then you need to know that the coding part may be completely avoided. All thanks to the visual solutions, which generally look like a simple drag and drop interface, thus do not require any special knowledge or skills, besides general computer literacy. But how far can you go with that kind of drag and drop application creator?

As it appears, besides the gaming niche, over 80% of all existing applications are very typical. Many of them aimed to support an existing small or medium business, like a fitness club or a café. For example, a considerable part of mobile applications has the same major functional feature – booking. Health practitioners, accountants, brokers – they all want to use the huge share of mobile traffic to get those new clients by scheduling their first appointment. So, creating such an application will usually end up with just a simple visual customization of a template (to the brand’s corporate style). It is exactly the situation where the app creator software shines, as it allows you to get a well-tested and bug-free application in just a few days.

If you think that the app creators do only allow you to graphically customize the existing app templates, then ready to get surprised. Many app creators have a huge range of ready to go features, which can be easily added to the initial template. Such important modules as databases, payment system integration, eCommerce solutions – all are ready to be set up in minutes. You will be explained how to publish your app in the Apple App Store, and even how to promote your application – everything in one place. Among the popular app creator software brands, you will find Appypie, Swiftic, Mobincube, and many others. As it is explained by educational project, the software solutions mainly differ on price and the skillset you are required to have to use them. Check out their website to choose the app creator software, which will be a better suit for your situation. For those who want to write some code, there is a short FAQ here to start with.

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