iphone 8 drawing

Fresh rumors suggest Apple may abandon Touch ID

Apple facing issues with its plan to put the TouchID under the screen.

The upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone, codenamed iPhone Edition or iPhone X, was expected to offer a bezel-less body and fingerprint sensors underneath the edge-to-edge OLED screen. Apple was planning to ditch the traditional home button, and the fingerprint reader had to go away with it. But Apple should offer an alternative solution and find a new home for Touch ID. Previous rumors have suggested that the sensors will be placed under the screen, allowing users to authenticate with Apple Pay or just unlock their phones by touching the screen.

But now, according to a new rumor, Apple is facing manufacturing issues with these new types of Touch ID sensors. These problems are likely to delay the production of iPhone X (8), or Apple may even eliminate the fingerprint reader under the OLED display.

Apple is also evaluating alternative solutions, such as the ability to log in using an iris scanner or the front facing camera. However, these ways of authentication can’t really replace the Touch ID which is proven to work faster and more reliably than any kind of facial or iris recognition.

But if Apple really can’t integrate the fingerprint reader under the OLED screen, Cupertino may come up with a revolutionary solution like the rumored 3D facial scanning using a ‘revolutionary’ front -facing camera.

Source: MacRumors