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Fourth Beta of iOS 12.2 now available for testing

Apple releases the new iOS beta for public testers and developers.

The company has just unleashed the 4th beta of the iOS 12.2 update, available for all inpatient users who want to test the latest improvements, new features and fixes ahead of everyone. iOS 12.2 Beta IV can be installed as an OTA update or through the Developer Center on your device. As a follow up to the previous betas, this update doesn’t add anything visible in terms of features, but it probably brings some under the hood changes and tweaks.

iOS 12.2 introduces Apple News to Canada, allowing users in this country to read news in two languages – French and English. Currently, the content is limited to certain stories, but once the update lands officially, Apple News will fully cover Canada.

There are also some new Emoji in this 12.2 release, while the platform supports third-party televisions and speakers. The company has slightly changed the TV remote control, and the Wallet app too.

Siri’s privacy now has a new option in Settings → Security, where you can enable or disable motion and orientation sensors while browsing websites.

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