Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone / tablet could be ready for mass production in 2020

Apple exploring new foldable display tech for future devices.

We’ve been hearing for over a year now that Microsoft is working on a Project Andromeda – an adaptable operating system that scales in real time depending on the active screen it uses. This new modern Windows is expected to launch this year along with a foldable tablet/smartphone within the Surface brand. And while Microsoft could be the first to bring the foldable smartphone to the market, Apple may be waiting for better times – when the technology is good enough for a foldable form factor. According to a new report at the Bank of America, Apple is targeting 2020 for the launch of a foldable iPhone that will expand to an iPad when folded.

Foldable iPhone / iPad will rely on futuristic technologies developed by LG and other companies – the Korean giant already has an experience in producing interesting foldable display prototypes. Flexible OLED panels should bend itself inside and outside, but this design requires significant innovation and work which may not be ready by 2020. Especially difficult will be to design a mother board and a battery to allow folding in half.

Apple already applied for a foldable device patent, but this could be nothing more than an indication that such a tech is being discussed in the table.

Source: cnbs

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