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Foldable iPhone may arrive in 2019

Apple working with LG on foldable OLED panels.

The first foldable mobile devices may be coming to the market soon, as companies like Samsung, ZTE, Microsoft and others are reportedly exploring the new tech, and their first devices may debut in 2018. According to a report by The Investors, Apple is also working on a future foldable iPhone, along with LG who will supply the OLED panels for the 2019 model.

In previous news we learn that Apple might launch a device with a flexible display after 2018 when LG will be ready with the mass-production. Sources familiar with the matter have told that LG has created several prototypes of foldable displays over the year, and the company now tries to increase the yield rate and durability of the technology.

Meanwhile, Apple’s biggest hardware partner, Samsung, is expected to supply all OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone, while LG will join as a supplier in 2019.

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple may be releasing two OLED models in 2018 – a 5.85-inch and a 6.46-inch model – all with a bezel-less design similar to the iPhone X.

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