face iD mask

Face ID can be tricked if you have a 3D printer

Here is how you can bypass Face ID.

A cypersecurity company has managed to beat the Face ID with a 3D mask. The phone was fooled by a carefully designed 3D mask, not by a simple photograph, so we are not saying that iPhone X could be easily unlocked. The truth is that Face ID is very secure but not 100%.

The testers have created a mask of the person using a 3D printer, and the cost of the mask was $150 for materials. Unlocking the iPhone X using a 3D mask is definitely not an easy task. The researchers had a very detailed scan of the person’s face, and even with very advanced technologies they spent hours to unlock the phone.

Apple itself doesn’t claim that Face ID is 100% reliable. The company only says that Face ID includes highest possible defense against attacks, without mentioning anything in specific.

iPhone X is the first model without a physical home button, and as being such it also offers a new way for authentication – facial scanning.

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