iPhone X notch

Developers have to rethink their apps because of the iPhone X notch

iPhone X’s top notch could be really annoying.

One of the few disadvantages of the new iPhone X’s design is the odd-looking notch – a black area at the top that includes a speaker, cameras and sensors for Face ID.

This notch may be really annoying when watching full-screen videos, playing games, or browsing, because it could hide important content or elements of the interface. And while the videos could be switched between notch-less and notched with a single tap, the photos and the third-party apps can’t.

Apple could easily fix that by making the margins black, which would make the notch disappear as this is an OLED screen and the blacks are true blacks.

But now many developers have to to rethink their iOS apps and maybe to modify them to work best on iPhone X. This would be some extra work that may not be justified – there is no guarantee that the notch will make its way to future iPhones, or Apple could fill the space around the notch with black to hide it.

One is certain, Apple again came up with a controversial solution that generated both negative and positive views.

What do you think about the iPhone X notch?

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