Benjamin Geskin iPad Pro

Confirmed: the next iPad Pro comes with Face ID

Evidence of an iPad Pro with Face ID found in iOS 11.3

Apple is planning a hardware refresh of the iPad Pro in 2018, and according to previous reports, it will be the first tablet with Face ID instead of Touch ID. Filipe Esposito has found in iOS 11.3, the first beta released for developers and public testers, evidence of the tablet and a hint that it will have slim bezels and Face ID.

Apple refers this upcoming iPad Pro as a “modern iPad”, just like the iPhone X is referred as the “modern iPhone”. This means that there is a significant difference in the firmware, as the old models have Touch ID, while the modern devices will be coming with Face ID for identification.

‘Modern iPad’ is a placeholder name, which is pretty common for iOS, but it gives more credibility to the rumor that iPad Pro will shift from a fingeprint reader to facial recognition in 2018. It’s a logical step after the iPhone X and the claim that Face ID is the better solution.

Benjamin Geskin iPad Pro
image by Benjamin Geskin

Just like the iPhone X, the new iPad Pro 2018 won’t have a HomeButton, but we don’t know if the TrueDepth system for Face ID will have a similar layout with a notch. The tablet may still have slimmer bezels and room for Face ID without compromising the sleek look. We should be hearing more details about iPad Pro in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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