Chrome improved on iOS with new features

Google updates the Chrome browser for iOS 

Google has started rolling out an update to its iOS app, both via the App store or its own servers. The server-side update unlocks most of the new capabilities, but as it’s coming out in stages, you may not see them just yet. Meanwhile, you can grab the Store update right now. Here’s what’s been changed:  

Chrome 92 for iOS now supports full-page screenshots. It appears as a Tab on the top right after taking a regular screenshot and tapping on preview. Keep in mind that this functionality is still under development on Android.  

You can also lock incognito tabs when you close the browser. This menu appears in Settings -> Privacy. By enabling the feature, incognito tabs would require Touch/Face ID/ or passcode.  

In addition, Chrome 92 has been slightly redesigned in Settings, History and Bookmarks, while the New Tab page has a new design for better content discovery. While the update to version 92 is live in the iOS store, the company is yet to update its browser on other platforms such as Android and Windows desktop.  

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