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Cheaper MacBook with Retina Display arriving this Summer

New reports confirming the 13-inch MacBook.

Apple is apparently working on a new, cheaper MacBook that will have a 13-inch display with the Retina technology. It will succeed the current 12-inch model, but it will have a lower price, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The 13-inch MacBook may be arriving in June at the WWDC, although Apple rarely uses the developer conference to showcase new products. The laptop should enter mass production by May this year, as test batches have already been produced in the factories. It’s expected to include a 13-inch retina screen with a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, which is the same pixel density as the current MacBook Pro (13-inch). Although the specs will be improved, the new MacBook may have a lower price than its non-Pro predecessor, around $999. Apple initially hoped to use Chinese display panels for the laptop, but manufacturing issues have forced them to buy displays from LG, the report explains.

The report also claims that Apple is preparing a new 9.7 inch iPad with a sub-$400 price tag. Ipad Pro is probably also arriving sometime this year, with expected design improvements, including Face ID for unlocking.

Source: digitimes

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