iPad 2018

Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad reportedly planned for 2018

The new tablet could be priced at $259.

Apple’s current low end tablet is the 9.7-inch iPad announced in March for $329, but the company may be planning something even more aggressive for 2018. According to DigiTimes, the company from California will be releasing a cheaper version of the 9.7-inch iPad – costing around $259. There is no timeframe of the launch, but the sub-$300 iPad could happen in the second half of the year, said unnamed sources.

Apple will apparently attempt to attract all those price-sensitive buyers and even businesses with the cheaper iPad. It’s not clear whether it will replace the $329 model, or both will be sold at the same time. The company is still recovering from the market decline after 2014 when the iPad sales reached its peak, and since then the sales have been slowing down.

The 2018 iPad is likely to remain with the same design as the 2017 model, but its specs could be tweaked slightly. It would be assembled by Compal, according to DigiTimes.

Would you buy an iPad if its price is $259?

Source: Digitimes

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