iPhone 8 Mock up

Bigger and Sharper iPhone 8 Screen Could Be Huge for Gamers

It feels like they just finished rolling out the iPhone 7, and the rumor mill is already moving full steam for the iPhone 8. The latest model made waves when it did away with the headphone jack, thrusting users headlong into the 21st century, but the 8 is expected to make even bigger changes. These advances are going to have a massive impact on the market and will be felt across a number of industries.

Chief among these will be how consumers use their phones as entertainment devices. It’s expected that the iPhone 8 will provide a larger visible screen area ,and might look more similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy S8. A new report from JPMorgan claims that it will be missing the bezels that had been previously reported and will boast a panel that will run from edge to edge on the device. This will be made even
bigger through the removal of the traditional home button. This larger screen will be all the better to support not only an improved camera, but a markedly sharper graphical display that will change the way people play with their phones.

These graphical improvements are expected to be far ahead of anything we’ve seen with the Retina HD display currently featured in the iPhone 7 Plus. One area where we’re likely to see the new graphical capabilities taken to their limits will be in mobile gaming. Mobile games have been pushing the boundaries of what’s capable with mobile devices for some time, and as processing power and graphical standards continue to improve it’s hard not to be excited for what that could mean for gamers. Mobile gaming has become an absolutely gigantic, multi-billion dollar business and we’ve come a long way from the days of Angry Birds. The industry made more than $40.6 billion in 2016, and this is a number that’s only expected to grow in the future. To put that in perspective that matches the total for global box office revenues during the same time.

Casual games still dominate large swaths of the market and there’s little question that it’s where a lot the money is for mobile developers. A website devoted to informing consumers about popular casino platforms explained that the state of mobile technology is at an all time high, and it only keeps getting better so it’s no wonder that developers are trying to make the most of it. This has resulted in significantly better gaming experiences in everything from free-to-play experiences to premium titles, and the iPhone 8 represents the next evolution for mobile. Given how Apple has gotten first dibs on the most recent Nintendo titles we expect many of the newest and most exciting games to make the iPhone their priority and this will surely work to the advantage of newest phone.

The iPhone 8 is currently slated for a 2017 release, but there’s still no telling if we’re actually going to see it this year. With rumors of three new potential phone models on the docket it’s going to be a big year for Apple for sure. We’ll just have to wait for the official word to see just what we’re in store for and when we’ll be getting it.