Facebook Live photo and video art filters

Art photo and video filters coming to Facebook for iOS

Facebook to add Prisma-like filters to its iOS app.

The Social network reveals its plans to update the iOS application, and include tools to create art photos and videos in a way similar to the popular photo-editing app Prisma, but with real time processing. The upcoming update will run ‘entirely on the user’s iPhone’ which means the Art filters won’t be dependent on servers and the Internet.

Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, describes how difficult is to add AI-based features running in real time on mobile devices. But thanks to the recent boost in mobile processing power, Facebook’s deep learning platform called Caffe2Go will be able to analyze and process photos and videos in real time.

Facebook’s app won’t send any single pixel to data servers, because this is not suitable for most of the users who prefer to share the moment as soon as possible. Along with art filters, Facebook will include gesture controls. For example, you would be able to switch between live filters using a swipe. Some of these upcoming features, especially the ability to create nice-looking stylized pictures, have already been popularized by apps like Prisma, so Facebook’s intention to bring similar functionalities to its own apps is a logical decision. The social network has not yet commented on when these new features will be coming to iOS.