lock screen widget

Dropbox updates its iOS app with many new features

Improvements and new features for Dropbox on iOS. Dropbox is updating its iOS app, including a Today screen widget, iMessage integration and some other useful features. The new version of the Cloud storage app for iOS comes with an easier upload process thanks to the new Widget. ‘Today’ will appear on the lock screen, allowing you to quickly upload a document or create files without unlocking the phone. Just swipe to the left and you can instantly upload a file. Dropbox has also improved the[…]

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instagram stories

Instagram introduces ‘Stories’ with Snapchat-inspired privacy settings

Share photos and videos in a single slideshow In attempts to make Instagram more personal and attractive for users, Facebook is introducing a new feature called Stories. It’s like a News Feed known from other social networks, but the Instagram users could create a ‘story’ – a single slideshow made of multiple photos and videos. These slideshows could be shared to a single follower, more than one, or all followers. Instagram Stories is very similar to the Snapchat feature with the same name. In fact,[…]

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Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix is a new camera app for better photos

You can now take smarter photos with your iPhone Microsoft has released a new camera app for iOS that claims to be better and smarter than the stock iPhone app. The new app is called Microsoft Pix. It has not many settings, nor manual controls, but under the hood there is artificial intelligence for great results in all lighting conditions. Thanks to special algorithms developed by Microsoft, the app automatically adjusts the camera settings according to the scene. For example, Microsoft Pix for iOS selectively makes[…]

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Facebook Messenger for iOS screens

Facebook Messenger updated, leverages 3D touch gestures to preview media

iPhones with 3D touch get improvements for Messenger If you are among the owners of the iPhone 6s or 6s plus, then you have probably already got used to 3D touch gestures in iOS, Facebook and other apps. For example, you can open the application and then Peek and Pop to preview photos and other media within the app. If you press gently on the media it will be previewed for you, but if you press on it harder it will open. That’s called Peek[…]

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facebook messenger end-to-end security

Facebook starts testing ‘Secret Conversations’ for Messenger

End-to-end encryption coming to Facebook Messenger Facebook has announced that a new feature called ‘Secret Conversations‘ has begun rolling out to select users to allow them start an encrypted end-to-end communication. With this move, Facebook becomes one of the many messaging apps to adopt secure conversations, but the approach for the Messenger is a bit different. Facebook explains that while services like WhatsApp automatically enable one-to-one encryption for chats, the Messenger will have the option to turn on / off the Secret Conversations when you[…]

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Cortana for iOS screens

Cortana for iOS updated with car location reminders

Ask Cortana to remember where is your car Microsoft keeps improving its digital voice assistant available for other platforms. Cortana for iOS has been updated and the new version includes a new location reminder – you can ask her to remember where you parked and she will save the location for you. However, despite all improvements, Cortana still struggles to beat the native Siri integration with iOS, since Microsoft’s offering is a third-party app available in the AppStore. Other difficulties ahead of Microsoft are connected[…]

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health apps

The 6 best Health & Fitness apps for iOS

Let these six fitness apps motivate you and track your progress It doesn’t matter if you want to track distance, lose weight, exercise or just start a healthy lifestyle, iOS so many cool apps for your needs. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can achieve more and motivate yourself by sharing progress with friends and find tips about a healthy living. Here’s our list with the 6 Health & Fitness best iPhone apps for your smartphone: Argus (free) Argus is a free calorie counter, activity tracker[…]

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5 new social apps for iOS from 2016

We’ve selected some of the best new social apps for your iPhone launched in 2016. Download them and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Did we miss something important? 1. Airtime Airtime is a new app that lets you to stay close to friends and family. You create and name groups for video chat with up to six people. For example, add your close friends to one group, and your family to another, and then stay close to them anytime. The[…]

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spotify logo

Spotify’s latest update rejected by Apple

The music streaming war has begun The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has officially responded after Apple refused to approve the latest update of their iOS app in the AppStore. According to Spotify, Apple tries to do everything possible to boost its own music service by demanding competing apps to use the Apple’s own ”business model’ rules for subscriptions. Citing ‘violating of the rules’, Apple has apparently turned down the latest version of Spotify which costs higher than Apple Music because of the business model[…]

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dropbox ios scan documents

Dropbox for iOS can now scan documents

The cloud storage app gets updated for iOS Popular cloud storage service Dropbox has been updated for iOS devices. Dropbox for iOS now allows you to scan documents and save them as .PDF files on the cloud for a quick sharing. iPhone and iPad users can use Dropbox to scan printed documents, whiteboards, sketches, receipts and other things that could be converted to searchable PDF files. The update for iOS also includes some other cool features. All Dropbox customers can add comments to photos, create[…]

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