Apple ID website

Apple will soon allow you to delete all data from all iPhone services

The company is working on a new Apple ID website.

Reports are emerging online saying that the Cupertino-based technology leader is working on revamped privacy controls to comply with new EU laws. Apple will apparently update its Face ID website where users can see all stored data from all Apple/iOS services. The new website to manage your Apple account will allow you access all content, password, personal info and other data stored on the cloud by iPhone services. By logging in with your Apple ID and password, you will be able to download or completely delete this data. This website and the new privacy controls should be ready until May 25 when the European Commission said the regulations should kick in, according to Bloomberg

Apple-owned operating systems such as MacOS and iOS are updated too to comply with the laws, with more transparent information about how the company uses your personal data. Newly rolled out iOS 11.3 update for iPad and iPhone already introduced some improvements in the privacy tools, like a toggle switcher for battery throttling, and new privacy screens when you first start some built-in iOS apps. More changes may be introduced in the iOS 11.4 update in the Summer.

The web-based changes should be rolled out in Europe in May, but other countries should also get a similar experience in the coming months. Currently, Apple only allows downloading, but not deleting data and personal information.

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