Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2 with a bigger battery set to launch in 2016

Apple may also release an improved Apple Watch 1-gen

Many improvements will be coming to the Apple Watch line-up in the second-half of 2016, according to world’s most notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He believes that Apple will launch the second-generation Apple Watch sometime this year, and Apple Watch 2 will likely include a new chipset, a larger battery, waterproofing and GPS.

Kuo reveals that AppleWatch 2 will remain with the same screen size and thickness as the original model, but thanks to a thinner screen Apple will put a higher capacity battery inside the metal casing.

The company could also be preparing a Pro version of the first Apple Watch that may launch around the debut of the second generation. This faster Apple Watch 1 will include a better processor, but it won’t have a GPS sensor as the Watch 2.

At the same time, Apple may offer a significant discount for the first-generation of smartwatches once the new models become available on the market.

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