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Apple unveils its plans for Apple Watch in 2021 and beyond

What are the Apple’s plans regarding Apple Watch for this year? According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple Watch is going to see its seventh generation, possessing more speed and hardware improvements, and the company is planning to add some new functionalities as well. 

The new generation will most likely be called Apple Watch Series 7 and it will have e a faster processor, an improved screen and better ultra-wideband functionality. The screen will have thinner bezels and a reduced space between the display and the front glass. The improved ultra-wideband functionality, alongside the upcoming watchOS 8 update is going to enable the watch to unlock doors and hotel rooms.

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For next year, Apple is planning a new model from the main line plus a new version of Apple Watch SE, as well as a model designed for athletes. The later was originally planned for this year, but most likely will be released next year. 

Other improvements planned for this year, however, which will not be included in this year’s model are a body temperature sensor and a blood-sugar sensor. While the first will most likely be available next year, the later will need at least several more years to be implemented commercially. 

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