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Apple to drop Intel and use custom Mac processors from 2020

Apple’s own chips may be ready until 2020.

The unification of the Apple app stores is expected to begin this year with the iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 updates for iPhone/iPad and Mac. This unification would allow developers to create a single app that runs across the entire Apple’s product line, and it’s distributed via a single app store. Apple is internally working on a project codenamed ‘Kalamata‘, said sources familiar with the matter.

According to Bloomberg, along with the app unification, Apple is planning to make a shift from Intel to custom-made processors for Mac. Custom designs are already in use for iPhone and iPad, in which Apple integrates own A-series of chips. These new chips would allow Apple to introduce new features much faster than now, release updates on a faster schedule, and be completely independent of a third-party manufacturer. The report says that Cupertino wants to differentiate from the competition using these new custom Mac chips. Currently, all major PC makers like Lenovo, Dell and HP, rely on Intel processors. A possible escape from Intel for CPU chips could be coupled with the development of own modem chips. Currently, iPhone X uses chips from Qualcomm and Intel.

Hours after this news came to light, Intel’s stock price slightly decreased, as Apple is one of the major customers generating around 5% of the Intel’s revenue.

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