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Apple is being sued over iPhone 6 Touch Disease

A growing number of customers have complained about unresponsive touch.

Touch Disease is a relatively widespread problem among iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users that affects the touch functionality of the screen, making the display partially or fully unresponsive. The problem has been reported in North America since August, and it appears that Touch Disease affects only the 6-th generation of iPhones (not the ‘S’ version) because of a design flaw that makes the devices vulnerable, eventually leading to loosing or breaking the connection between the touch ID chips and the motherboard.

Touch Disease iPhone 6 Plus

But the real problem with the Touch Disease right now is the fact that Apple has not officially recognized that such a design issue exists, demanding around $300 repair costs for out-of-warranty iPhones. At the same time, some of the customers who were given a replacement device have reported the same issue within a couple of weeks. Some analysts have estimated that around 11% of all iPhone service issues right now can be connected with the Touch Disease.

While Apple has not publicly commented, nor acknowledged the issue, three law firms have joined the lawsuit against Apple filed by lawyers last month. One of the lawyers involved in the case has reported that around 10,000 users want to join the legal battle, and the chances of a positive result are pretty good.

Have you ever had any touch problems with your iPhone 6?