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Apple responsible for half of the smartwatch sales in Q2 2017

Apple had a 50% share of the smartwatch market in the last quarter.

The smartwatch market remains in a stagnant position, as most of the current users see no reason to upgrade while the other potential customers see no value in wearing a smart device on their wrist. The good news for Apple is that the company is a distant leader in this very promising, but still undeveloped market.

A recent market report by IDC shows that Apple is responsible for 49.6% of the sales in the quarter ending June. Apple Watch shipments are estimated to be 3.4 million, from the 6.9 million overall shipments in Q2 2017.

Apple watch sales Q2 2017

Samsung’s smartwatches accounted for 11% of the shipped devices in the quarter, followed by Garmin with 9.3%.

Apple is not yet revealing the exact number of iWatch sales in its financial reports, but the CEO said in a conference meeting that Apple Watch was 50% up in the quarter. The company offers its customers some new functionalities with version 2 of the smartwatch, thus attracting non only regular iPhone users who want to have Facebook notifications on their wrist, but also many sports and health enthusiasts.

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