iOS 9.3.2

Apple to release iOS 10.3 with a new ‘Theatre’ mode

First public betas of iOS 10.3 expected around mid-January.

Developers and public testers of Apple’s iOS won’t need to wait much to get their hands on the first iOS 10.3 Beta. According to information posted on Twitter, Apple is going to roll out iOS 10.3 beta 1 on January 10. This is a preliminary schedule, and Apple’s plans may well change in the following days, so keep the January 10 date with a grain of salt.

iOS 10.3 will not only bring performance and stability improvements to supported devices, but some new features as well. iOS 10.3 will have a new ‘Theatre’ mode you could enable from the Control Center after clicking on the popcorn-like icon. However, there is no preliminary information on what exactly this ‘Theater’ mode will bring.

The company officially rolled out iOS 10.2 to the general public in December, introducing a new TV app along with some minor visual changes. At the same time, the public testers are already running version 10.2.1 which doesn’t include so many visual changes. Apple is expected to refresh its iPad line this spring, so iOS beta may soon start picking up new features.