Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash coming soon with the iOS 11.1 update

P2P payments tested internally ahead of official launch.

Apple announced the new payment platform called Apple Pay Cash in the summer during its WWDC conference. The company has been quiet on when the new person-to-person payment platform will be ready for launch, but we now understand that the internal testing is ongoing and the public release is coming very soon.

Apple Pay Cash is now almost ready to make its public debut, and that will happen with the iOS 11.1 update coming later this year. Apple already has a developer beta with the same version number, but it doesn’t include Pay Cash. However, MacRumors has found two screenshots showing us how the user will set up Apple Pay Cash, and the error message popping up when someone tries to send money to a user without P2P payments set up.

Apple Pay Cash will be integrated with the Messaging app, allowing users to quickly send money to each other without fees. The money then can be used for online purchases or they can be transferred to a bank account.

Source: MacRumors

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