event march 25 Apple 2019

Apple holding a special event on March 25

What to expect during the first press-conference for 2019

In its first big event scheduled for Monday, March 25, Apple is expected to talk more about new services rather than hardware. However, we expect many exciting announcements during the presentation. Here’s what to be expected:

TV Streaming

The company has been rumored to be working on a TV streaming service that would allow subscribers to watch on demand TV shows and movies on the fly. This new service would be provided via the current TV app after an update, which will also enable channel bundles and aggregated content from cable providers. There is no info on how much the subscriptions would cost, but Apple will probably give more specific details during the March event.

Apple News

There will be also a subscription-based news service that would cost $9.99 monthly. This paid news channel would allow users to read exclusive stories from sites like The WSJ and others. More magazine publishers could join later, as currently there are some ongoing negotiations on how the collected revenue would be divided between Apple and the news provider.


Apple could be releasing the official iOS 12.2 update right after the March 25 event and the introduction of the on-demand Apple News and TV Streaming. Other new features may not be announced for iOS 12.2, but the company may also talk about some upcoming changes planned for iOS 12.3.


There could be some minor hardware updates for line-ups such as iPad Mini, iPod and AirPower. However, the company is not usually announcing many products during its first press-event for the year.

The event itself will start at 10:00 AM PST, will live streaming on the official website here. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/

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