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Apple hires an AI expert to boost the Siri’s capabilities

Artificial Intelligence expert joins Apple.

Russ Salakhutdinov, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, will lead Apple’s AI research department. Apple has recently started to show interest in the AI technologies which could be applied in many of the company’s existing products like Siri.

Artificial Intelligence becomes a hot topic, but its potential has not been fully recognized yet. Companies like Google and Microsoft also invested a lot in boosting AI technologies. Google has recently unveiled an improved Assistant in Android that could do far more things than Apple’s Siri. But Apple acquired MapSense and other relatively new and promising technologies to boost its AI capabilities and invest in the future.

Russ Salakhutdinov will lead the team that will have a key role for making existing and new products better. Siri and machine-learning techniques could become far more important in a few years from now. However, the recent trend towards privacy should also be included in the equation. The future impact of AI on the modern smartphones is yet unknown, but Tim Cook believes that ‘these new technologies will be part of the incredible future’.