Universal App Store

Apple developing a Universal app platform for iOS and macOS

iOS apps may soon be coming to Mac computers.

Apple is planning to combine iPhone, iPad and Mac apps, creating a universal app platform with one Store, according to a report at Bloomberg. These new apps will support a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and trackpad, and Apple is planning to announce them with the iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 updates next year. These plans may be discussed in details at the WWDC developer conference in June 2018 when Apple typically announces the next major version of its operating systems, says Bloomberg.

At the moment, the iOS and MacOS app stores are separate, and those apps in the Mac App Store are far less popular and up to date compared with their iOS counterparts. The project for the universal apps is called ‘Marzipan’, and it could be the first step of creating a single operating system for all Apple devices. Something similar has already happened at the Microsoft campus, with a UWP platform running across Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows PC. The Redmond-based giant is also rumored to announce a converged version of Windows 10 with adaptable shell in real time depending on the active screen(s).

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