Face ID

Apple denies rumors about making Face ID less accurate

The company calls the report ‘completely false’.

Yesterday we informed you that Apple might have downgraded the Face ID feature in order to speed up production on the iPhone X. The report was originally posted by Bloomberg, but since it was based on an unnamed source we attached the ‘Rumor’ tag to it.

In a statement for Tech Crunch, Apple says that the Bloomberg report is ‘completely false’, and the Face ID requirements have not been altered. The company explains that Face ID will work as reliably as originally planned, meeting ‘gold standards’ for facial authentication.

Apple says that the accuracy of Face ID is one in a million, or one person out of 1 million will be able to unlock your phone. For comparison, Touch ID has just a 1:50,000 accuracy.
Apple will open pre-orders for the iPhone X tomorrow, while the launch date remains November 3. But Apple has not yet resolved its production issues and the initial supplies may be too limited. However, Apple should overcome its issues and meet the demand by January.

Source: TechCrunch

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