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Apple to cut development of new iOS 12 features and focus on performance

iOS 12 may bring fewer changes than originally planned.

Apple has changed its plans for the iOS 12 development, according to Axios. The Cupertino-based technology leader will focus on reliability and performance, rather than introducing new features. The report is based on an announcement by Craig Federighi made during an internal company meeting in January.

Craig informed the employees that Apple will delay some of the new features planned for 2018 and iOS 12 to 2019 (iOS13). Among the delayed features are improvements to Home Screen, Photos, Mail and CarPlay.

Apple will focus on performance in iOS 12, but the company will also improve its hardware as many users have been criticizing Apple for security and quality issues especially in terms of battery. Apple has declined to comment, and we don’t expect it, but the next major iOS update should be discussed in details in the summer.

The company has begun testing the new minor update for iOS 11. Beta testers can now install and test iOS 11.3.

Source: Axios

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