App Removed

Thousands of outdated apps have been removed from the App Store

Apple removed 47,300 apps in October only.

Apple notified developers in September that apps not compatible with the guidelines would be removed from the Store. Now we learn that Apple removed 47,300 in the last month, which is a 238% increase of apps removed from the App Store compared with previous months in 2016. For comparison, in September Apple ditched only around 13,000 apps.

Apps from different categories have been removed. From the total number of 47,300 apps, the games were 28 percent, while 9% fall into the Entertainment category. 7 percent of the removed apps were in the Education category, while the Lifestyle apps accounted for 6 percent.

With Apple’s decision to remove apps that don’t not meet the guidelines, or have not been updated to support 64-bit processors, the company wants to eliminate all problematic apps from the App Store.

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