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Apple Music now has 38 million subscribers

Spotify is still a distant leader with 71 million paying users. Apple’s music streaming service has increased its user base by 2 million for a single month. In February 2018, Apple Music had 36 million subscribers, while this month in March, the users reached 38 million. Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Apple Music is growing rapidly over the past three years, but Spotify is still the king. Swedish-based streaming app, Spotify, has the huge number of 159 million users, but only 71 million of them are using the premium version without ads and unlimited streaming. Spotify is one of[…]

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Spotify update extends the interface for iPhone X

New version of Skype available in the App Store. Skype is the latest popular app with an update for the iPhone X. Version 8.4.28, already available to download in the App Store, extends the interface around the sensor notch at the top of the display. There is nothing so remarkable in this update, however. Skype now takes the entire screen of the iPhone X, unlike the previous version that ended at the notch. It may still be annoying for some users to see that thing, but at least most of the app have already been updated, and they now look[…]

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Spotify’s latest update rejected by Apple

The music streaming war has begun The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has officially responded after Apple refused to approve the latest update of their iOS app in the AppStore. According to Spotify, Apple tries to do everything possible to boost its own music service by demanding competing apps to use the Apple’s own ”business model’ rules for subscriptions. Citing ‘violating of the rules’, Apple has apparently turned down the latest version of Spotify which costs higher than Apple Music because of the business model under which Apple takes a share of those subscriptions. At the same time, Spotify claims[…]

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