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Apple Pencil could be coming to iPhone in 2019

Stylus support for iPhone in 2019? Apple has just released its lineup for 2017, but we already see reports covering the company’s hardware plans for the near future. After the news about a foldable iPhone, and new OLED models in 2018, we can now hear from sources in Korea that Apple is exploring the possibility of bringing its digital pen to the iPhone by 2019. Apple Pencil, a digital stylus introduced for iPad Pro in 2015, could be coming to iPhone, as Apple engineers reportedly started working on an iPhone supporting digital pen input. The Korea Herald informs that the[…]

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foldable display LG iPhone

Foldable iPhone may arrive in 2019

Apple working with LG on foldable OLED panels. The first foldable mobile devices may be coming to the market soon, as companies like Samsung, ZTE, Microsoft and others are reportedly exploring the new tech, and their first devices may debut in 2018. According to a report by The Investors, Apple is also working on a future foldable iPhone, along with LG who will supply the OLED panels for the 2019 model. In previous news we learn that Apple might launch a device with a flexible display after 2018 when LG will be ready with the mass-production. Sources familiar with the[…]

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iPhone 8 Colors

A month delay for iPhone X market debut?

iPhone 10th Anniversary Edition may ship a month after the other new models. Apple is unveiling three new iPhones on September 12 – the OLED iPhone X, and hardware refreshes of the iPhone 7 line. Earlier reports said that Apple would start taking pre-orders for all models on September 15, while the first units would be shipped on September 22. But a growing number of new reports suggest that the company may ship the flagship OLED iPhone X / Edition up to a month later than previously expected. TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal have both written about Apple delaying[…]

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Galaxy Note 8 iPhone X iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone may offer a 6.4-inch OLED display in 2018

Apple is already working on the successor to iPhone X. Only eleven days remain until the company is expected to announce the iPhone X – the first iPhone with an OLED display and without home button. Usually, the rumors about Apple’s devices start flowing months before we can see them in real, but sometimes they can start more than a year before the launch. This seems to be the case with the top-end model planned for Fall 2018 that you can call ‘iPhone 8’ for now. According to a publication at ETNews based on industry sources. Apple is already working[…]

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touch bar iphone 8 gestures home button 2017 iOS 11

Apple to use gesture controls instead of a Home button for iPhone 8

A thin software bar will replace the Home button in iPhone 8. Apple is expected to unveil a new line of iPhones on September 12, and one of three new models will feature an OLED display that takes the entire front panel of the phone. This device (for now call it iPhone 8 or iPhone X), will be the first iPhone to come without a traditional Home button, and many specialists believed that Apple would simply replace it with a virtual one. But now, we hear an interesting rumor posted by quite a reliable source (Bloomberg), saying that iPhone 8[…]

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iPhone Black

Apple’s wireless charging may not be very fast

iPhone 8’s wireless charging to be 7.5-watt fast Apple’s allegedly wireless charging technology in iPhone 8 may not be as fast as the technology used in many of the high-end Android phones. According to information by the Japanese website for Apple, Macotakara, the company is going to skip the 15-watt format and offer wireless charging at 7.5 watts. The 15-watt charging is already available in many phones supporting the Qi standards. Apple, however, may decide to offer an alternative solution which may make the future iPhones not compatible with the current wireless charging pads. There is a high possibility, that[…]

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dummy iPhone 8

iPhone 8 unveiling event possibly scheduled for September 12

The sales of iPhone 8 may start on September 22. There is only one week left to September and Apple should very soon send out invitations for its annual iPhone unveiling. Although the date is not official, there is a high chance that Apple will present the new iPhone line, including the 10th Anniversary iPhone, at a press-event on September 12. According to information from Mac4Ever, Apple will hold a press conference to reveal the new iPhones on Tuesday, September 12, while the sales will start on Friday, September 22. This report matches the same pattern Apple follows from 2012[…]

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iPhone 8 colors 3

Three new iPhones in 2017, each one in three colors?

Apple will release three new models in September. Another day, another news about the upcoming iPhones. The notable investor famous with his predictions about Apple for many years, Ming Chi Kuo, has released yet another note with details about the iPhones. The two models, successors to the current 7 and 7 Plus, are widely believed to be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, while the name of the third new iPhone remains a mystery. It won’t be surprising if’s called iPhone 8, but iPhone X as a name (X for 10th Anniversary) could also be on the table. But let’s[…]

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iPhone SE 2016 line up

iPhone SE (2018 Edition) is real?

Apple to release an upgraded iPhone SE in early 2018. A month ago, we reported a wild rumor about Apple planning a second-generation of its 4-inch iPhone SE. According to a new report from Focus Taiwan, Wistron, the company selected to produce the next-generation small iPhone, will expand its production base in India. Wistron will start manufacturing the 4-inch iPhone SE 2018 Edition in late 2018, but the phone itself will not launch before the end of this year. As far as the possible specs of iPhone SE 2, the device will remain a 4-inch model, although its specs will be[…]

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iphone se

Rumor: updated version of the iPhone SE arriving in August

Possible hardware refresh of the 5-inch SE model. The market of small but premium smartphones still exists and can’t be neglected. Apple, the company that ultimately also followed the trends and started releasing bigger than 4-inch models, now has a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch model in its line-up, but also a refreshed version of the iPhone 5s. The model named iPhone SE was announced in 2016, offering a powerful processor and camera in a compact size. The question is whether or not the 4-inch iPhone SE will have a successor. According to a recent report, Apple will announce an[…]

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