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Increased MacBook sales in the second quarter of 2017

Apple is again on the fast track with MacBook. The market research company called TrendForce has published its regular report about the global notebook shipments for the second quarter of 2017. According to the data, Apple remains number 5 in the rank, but Cupertino managed to increase its market share on a quarter-to-quarter basis with 1%. Apple sold 17.1% more MacBooks in Q2 2017 in comparison to Q1 2017. The total shipments of MacBook are 3.98 million, according to Trend Force. Apple refreshed the MacBook line in June 2017, less than a year before the last hardware upgrade, launching new[…]

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Why upgrading to the new MacBook Pro is a bad idea

Apple’s new MacBook has many drawbacks. The new MacBook Pro comes with noticeable improvements in terms of hardware compared with the old generation of Macs, but it also has a higher price and some drawbacks you should carefully consider before going for an upgrade. Here is why upgrading to the new MacBook Pro is not such a good idea: Pro without ports Well, it actually has four ports, but they are all Thunderbolt 3. If you want to use accessories, connect your iPhone, charge a phone, insert an SD card, connect a monitor using HDMI or VGI, and in many[…]

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Worldwide PC sales declined 5.7%, Apple’s Mac down 13.4%

Apple sold 4,946 million Macs in the third quarter 2017 The overall sales of PCs have declined for eight consecutive quarter although three of the six biggest PC manufactures have slightly increased their market shares in Q3 2016. According to Gartner’s preliminary results for 3Q16, all manufacturers combined sold 68,945 million units, compared with 79,098 in Q32015. Lenovo is still a market leader with a 20.9% share, but HP is closing the gap with a difference of just 0.5%. Dell and Asus have also sold more in 2016, increasing their shares to 7.8% and 7.2%, respectively, with sales probably boosted[…]

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New MacBook models set to launch in late 2016

Apple to finally upgrade the MacBook Pro After launching the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, Apple is looking to upgrade its MacBook line-up, according to sources familiar with the matter. The much-needed upgraded version of the MacBook Pro could be unveiled sometime in late October, with a market launch in November, writes the website MacRumors. By presenting new models before the end of the year, Apple wants to boost the declining sales of laptops in the holiday season. To be able to upgrade the MacBook line-up, Apple is working closely with hardware partners in order to[…]

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