Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Which is more durable – iPhone X or Galaxy S9?

Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Years ago, the popular smartphones were far less complicated in terms of design and features than the devices we currently have. They had policarbonate or aluminum backs, displays with big bezels protecting the screen better, and removable back covers, making them relatively not easy to break. Today, the flagship devices have complex designs with curved displays, glass backs and relatively thin and light bodies. That’s why it’s very important to know how breakable the device is. Fortunately, some YouTube channels have specialized in performing such tests. In the[…]

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iphone x plus

Apple may reduce or eliminate the iPhone notch in 2019

Android manufacturers embracing the notch design influenced by iPhone X. Apple is looking to improve, reduce and maybe completely eliminate the sensor notch from the iPhone line up in 2019 or 2020, according to a new report by ET News in Korea. The report reiterates that Apple is planning three new models for 2018 – one with LCD and two with OLED screens, but all to include FaceID, reduced bezels, and probably a smaller notch. Apple’s notch design for iPhone X has faced negative reviews from some media and fans, but it’s now becoming a hot trend among the Android[…]

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iPhone X destroys the Galaxy S9 in performance tests

Benchmark tests show that iPhone X is faster than Samsung Galaxy S9. Fans and media love to compare the flagship devices, putting them in different tests and camera shootouts. Yesterday, we reported on how Samsung may have created the best smartphone camera, but when it comes to the CPU/GPU power, the situation may be different. The benchmarks are usually the best indicator of what to expect from a new device, and how it compares against the competition. Let’s see the results for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 (and Plus). According to tests by Anand Tech, iPhone X and[…]

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ios 11 call

Screen wake up delays for incoming calls reported by iPhone X users

Apple is investigating a bug preventing the screen from turning on. A report by FinancialTimes informs us about a software or hardware issue with the new iPhone X. The company has acknowledged the issue which happens with incoming calls. The delay up to 10 seconds in turning the screen prevents users from accepting or declining a call, while they can still hear the phone ringing. The issue has not been fixed in the latest iOS update – version 11.2.5. We don’t know if this issue is a device-specific one, or users with older phones also experience it. Additionally, some iPhone[…]

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Apple Store Australia iPhone X

iPhone with an impressive growth in China for a 28.6% market share in Q4

Apple is gaining more ground in China as iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus sales surge. iPhone’s market share is growing in half of the markets monitored by Kantar Worldpanel, but decreasing in the others. While the difference is not so significant, varying between -2.4 and +2.5 percent in most of the countries, China is a completely different story. Apple has rapidly increased its presence in the country for 3 years. In Q4 2016, Apple had a 18.5% sales share in China, but in 2017 during the same period (October – December), the iPhones accounted for 28.6 percent of the[…]

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Apple vs Samsung

Samsung reducing operations at its OLED plant because of weak iPhone sales

Samsung Display is slowing down production. Apple originally hoped to sell 40 million iPhone X units in the first quarter of 2018, but the prediction was revised to 20 million, which has influenced all Apple supplies including Samsung. The Korean giant is producing OLED panels for the first iPhone with such a display technology, but after many years of full-capacity production, Samsung Display is lowering production capacity for the first time in January by 10% , compared with 2017. According to a report by The Investors, the A3 plant has reduced capacity because of its largest client – Apple, and[…]

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iPhone X

Apple to cut half the iPhone X production target for Q1 2018

iPhone X production target for January – March reduced to 20 million units. Apple’s manufacturing partners were expected to make around 40 million iPhone X devices in the quarter starting January, but the U.S. based technology leader has reportedly cut half their target to 20 million units. According to an unconfirmed report from Nikkei Asia, slower than expected sales of iPhone X in the holiday season have resulted in this cut. Despite the new design with OLED and some new features, not so many users were willing to pay at least $999 to get the iPhone X. Even in 2018,[…]

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iPhone X review round-up

iPhone X (first-generation) production may be stopped in mid-2018

Apple not planning to reduce the price of the iPhone X. The company usually reduces the prices of older iPhones when the new models launch, but this won’t be the case with the original iPhone X. According to KGI Securities and its main analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will discontinue the original iPhone X when the second-generation launches in September 2018. This means that Apple will neither reduce the price, nor sell the original iPhone X along with its successor in 2018/2019. Kuo believes that keeping the iPhone X with a lower price will impact the sales of the future models[…]

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face +ID

Face ID v2 may reduce the iPhone’s notch in 2019

Apple reportedly looking to improve the design of the iPhone. As the most controversial iPhone change for years, the notch of the new iPhone X may be reduced, but not completely eliminated in the 2019 line. According to unconfirmed reports at the ETNews in Korea, Apple may be combining the Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera in order to make the notch smaller and less annoying. It’s confusing to hear that Apple will try to resolve a problem that has been created deliberately in 2017 in order to make the 10th anniversary model stands out from the crowd. But[…]

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Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

Another video highlights the Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

Apple released a new video to promote the Portrait Lighting feature. The company’s official YouTube channel has published a new video focused on the iPhone X and its Portrait Lighting feature. It’s just a 38-second video ad entitled ‘A New Light’. It shows how you can use the iPhone X to create a professional-looking portrait photos without having the necessary equipment and a studio. Apple introduced the Portrait Lighting feature with the iPhone X and 8 Plus in November. Using information from both camera sensors, the device creates unique lighting effects. It’s purely a software trick, as the smartphone cameras[…]

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