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iPhone SE 2 to be announced on March 27?

Apple has scheduled a media event in Chicago next week. Customers waiting for a compact-sized iPhone may have a luck this Spring, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans. The company is apparently planning a media event this month in Chicago, where the iPhone SE 2 may be officially unveiled. It’s widely believed that iPhone SE 2 (it may also be called iPhone X SE) will debut exactly two years after the original model announced in March 2016. By presenting the SE model in 2016, Apple partially recovered from lower than expected sales of the iPhone 6 line. Now, in[…]

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iPhone SE

More rumors about iPhone SE 2018

Second-generation iPhone SE in the works. We reported several times back in 2017 about Apple working on a hardware refresh of the iPhone SE – the 4-inch model announced in mid-2016. It appears that Apple is planning to announce the second generation two years after the original SE model. According to a new publication by Economic Daily News, the 2018 iPhone SE could be announced in the second half of 2018, offering refreshed specs and a similar design. The new reports claim that iPhone SE 2018 will have upgraded specs and similar price. iPhone SE 2016 had the A9 chip,[…]

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iPhone SE 2 could be launching in Q1 2018

More reports about a successor of the iPhone SE. The second-generation of iPhone SE may really launch in 2018, according to a new report by Economic Daily News. We’ve already informed you months ago about Apple considering a hardware refresh of the original ‘Special Edition’ launched in March 2016. A possible iPhone SE2 or iPhone SE (2018) could be presented in March 2018, offering improved specs and some software features borrowed from iPhone 8/X. According to the reports, the iPhone SE 2018 will include the A10 Fusion processor, 2GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB storage. The battery is expected to[…]

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iPhone SE2 SE 2

iPhone SE (2018 Edition) with an all-screen design

New renders reveal how the next iPhone SE may look like. We reported in August several iPhone rumors, like the one that Apple might be planning a second-generation of the 4-inch iPhone SE. The small iPhone may be called the iPhone SE 2018 Edition, and it’s likely to remain a 4-inch device with upgraded specs. But what if Apple decides to create a brand new design for the iPhone SE? If it has a similar design to the iPhone X, the phone may be close to a 5-inch device, while remaining with a similar size to the old 4-inch iPhone SE.[…]

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iPhone SE 2016 line up

iPhone SE (2018 Edition) is real?

Apple to release an upgraded iPhone SE in early 2018. A month ago, we reported a wild rumor about Apple planning a second-generation of its 4-inch iPhone SE. According to a new report from Focus Taiwan, Wistron, the company selected to produce the next-generation small iPhone, will expand its production base in India. Wistron will start manufacturing the 4-inch iPhone SE 2018 Edition in late 2018, but the phone itself will not launch before the end of this year. As far as the possible specs of iPhone SE 2, the device will remain a 4-inch model, although its specs will be[…]

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