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Apple to start the iPhone 8 production earlier

iPhone 8 to launch in September 2017. Apple is predicting a strong demand for iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary iPhone, in late 2017, and to meet the demand the company may increase the iPhone 8 builds by 300% in June. At the same time, Apple will slowly phase out production of iPhone 7 and SE models over the year, in a preparation for a September iPhone 8 release. According to a report at Tech Trader Daily, Apple wants to ramp up production earlier, in order to resolve any possible problems with the manufacturing and suppliers. This may lead to a[…]

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iPhone 8 may offer Facial recognition and new Touch ID

Apple could use new biometric recognition for iPhone 8. Two independent analysts predict that Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone in September 2017 may include a new biometric recognition system. The first report comes from T. Arcuri, who is working for Cowen and Company. He believes that Apple will use a laser or infrared sensor for facial recognition near the front facing camera. Arcuri thinks that iPhone 8 may not have a fingerprint reader at all, but Apple may also decide to use both systems during the transition period. By offering both ways for identification, Apple’s iPhone will become far more secure[…]

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