iPhone 7 with Qualcomm LTE modem performs better than iPhone with Intel chip

Comparing the LTE performance of the iPhone 7. An interesting test performed by Cellular Insights has proven that Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus show different LTE performance depending on the modems used for the devices. Apple buys chips from two manufactures – Intel and Qualcomm. Even before the test, we knew that Qualcomm’s equipped iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus have an edge because they support both GSM and CDMA networks, while phones with Intel processors could be used only for GSM networks, which limits the possible use of the device on all US operators. Now, let’s[…]

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iPhone 7 Pro and Plus leak back photo

iPhone 7 Pro photo may have just leaked in the wild

Will Apple release a super-powered iPhone 7? New photo may have revealed the Apple’s smartphone line-up for the 2016 Holiday season. According to NowhereElse.fr and their post, there could be three new iPhones in September – a 4.7-inch, and two 5.5-inch versions – Plus and Pro. The rumors about the iPhone 7 Pro started months ago when several sources claimed that Apple was considering to produce a super-powered iPhone 7 with more internal storage, a better camera and some other improvements compared with the iPhone 7 Plus. Now, we can see a claimed photo of the three new models. If[…]

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iPhone 7

Apple rumored to launch three iPhone 7’s in 2016

iPhone 7 Pro with up to 256GB may debut in September It’s not the first time we hear about the iPhone 7 Pro. Earlier reports speculated that Apple could ditch the ‘Plus’ branding and call the bigger iPhone – iPhone 7 Pro. This ‘Pro’ variant was expected to include some improvements in the camera department, such as a dual-lens camera module for better photos and videos. Now we learn from a source who is posting information on Weibo that Apple may release a trio of i-phones later in 2016. If the source is to be believed, there will be three[…]

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