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iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements delayed until April

Short supply of replacement batteries. Apple announced that all users who want to replace their iPhone batteries could do it from January 2018 for $29, but now it seems that those with the iPhone 6 Plus have to wait a few months. According to Apple, replacement batteries for iPhone 6 Plus are in short supply, and they won’t be available until March or April this year. This applies to the United States and other regions where Apple offers replacements for $29. Other models like the 6S, 7, 7 Plus and SE won’t be affected by short supply, and batteries for[…]

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iphone 6s gold

Apple acknowledges ‘Touch Disease’, but refuses to repair iPhone 6 for free

Apple charges $149 service fee for a design defect. With more than 10% of the iPhone repairs related to the Touch Disease problem for iPhone 6 series, Apple could not hide the issue anymore. In fact, the touch disease problem is a design defect affecting only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. It starts with a small flickering area of the screen, but it progressively gets worse and extends to the whole display surface, impacting the touch experience and making the phone unusable. The reason for the touch issue is the location of the touch controller chips on[…]

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iPhone 6 Silver

Apple is being sued over iPhone 6 Touch Disease

A growing number of customers have complained about unresponsive touch. Touch Disease is a relatively widespread problem among iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users that affects the touch functionality of the screen, making the display partially or fully unresponsive. The problem has been reported in North America since August, and it appears that Touch Disease affects only the 6-th generation of iPhones (not the ‘S’ version) because of a design flaw that makes the devices vulnerable, eventually leading to loosing or breaking the connection between the touch ID chips and the motherboard. But the real problem with the Touch[…]

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