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Latest iOS update fixes autofocus problems with iPhone X and iPhone 8

iOS 11.2.1 also includes some other improvements. Yesterday, Apple released the first public update of iOS 11.2, bringing fixes to HomeKit remote sharing, and some under the hood tweaks and improvements to the operating system. Apparently, the update has significantly improved the performance of the autofocus on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Focus problems were noticed by users after the iOS 11.2 release a week ago, connected with the inability to focus on a subject while taking a photo. It has been reported that the camera was struggling to focus, constantly switching between both lenses while[…]

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iOS 11

Apple releases new updates to iOS for both general public and developers

iOS 11.2.1 and 11.2.5 are now available to download. A new developer beta and a new official public version of iOS have been released. For registered developers, version 11.2.5 is live from the Developer Center or as an OTA update, bringing unknown improvements and fixes to the operating system. At the same time, everyone on iOS 11 can grab the latest official version of the platform – version 11.2.1. This update comes just a week after 11.2 that brought increased wireless charging speed and Apple Pay Cash. The 11.2.1 update, however, includes additional fixes and improvements over 11.2, including the[…]

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First full jailbreak of iOS 11 to be released soon

iOS versions up to 11.1.2 could be hacked. Google’s Project Zero, a team focused on finding security holes and vulnerabilities in competing platforms like iOS and Windows, has recently found an exploit in iOS 11. The exploit has not been revealed in details yet, but if published, it could lead to the first public jailbreak of iOS 11. Although it was fixed by Apple in the iOS 11.2 update, devices running versions up to 11.1.2 could be hacked, allowing you to gain a full control over the mobile operating system. Ian Beer has posted on Twitter that ‘task for pid[…]

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Apple Pay Cash

How to set up Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 enables peer-to-peer payments. Apple officially introduced the feature Apple Pay Cash with the iOS 11.2 update, initially available only for users in the United States. Apple Pay Cash allows you to send and receive money from anyone in the contact list via Apple’s built-in Messaging app. Here is how to set up and use Apple Pay Cash. Set up: Enable Two-factor authentication. Go to Settings → iCloud → Passwords & Security. Open the Wallet app. Tap on the Apple Pay Cash card at the top. Create your virtual card. Pair a debit / credit card to Apple Pay[…]

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iOS 11 reached a 59% share, according to Apple

41% of the devices are still running an older version of iOS. App Store support page has informed that the modern version of iOS is already running on 59% of the devices in use. iOS 11 grew from 52% in November, to 59% in early December, according to the stats, while the previous version (iOS 10) is now installed on 33% of the devices. Older versions of iOS are still on 8% of the active devices. Despite the good growth, iOS 11 is slightly behind version 10 in terms of adoption rate. Back in 2016, iOS 10 reached a 54%[…]

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iPhone’s market share drops 8% in the United States

iOS’s global smartphone share has dropped in Q3 2017. As many users were waiting for the iPhone X to upgrade, the iOS’s market share in the US logically dropped in the third quarter of the year. Apple’s smartphone share was 40.6% in Q3, down from 32.9% a year ago. In 2016, Apple’s sales reached its peak well before Q3’s end, while this year iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X went on sale a bit later, not influencing the Q3 results as much as in 2016. But the phone is gradually improving its stock availability, with shipping estimates as low as[…]

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iOS 11.2 released with faster wireless charging, Apple Pay Cash and many fixes

The second major update to iOS 11 is now live. Apple rolled out the second update of iOS 11 for supported iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch models. iOS 11.2 is available for everyone with iPhone 5s or newer from the Settings → General → Software Update. It brings a number of under the hood improvements and bug fixes, and a new feature – Apple Pay Cash. The ability to send and receive money through the Messaging app has not been enabled yet for all US users, and Apple Pay Cash is still not intended for other markets. Apple increased the[…]

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Update for iOS 11 fixes the unresponsive iPhone X screen in cold weather

iOS 11.1.2 is available to download for everyone. Apple has fixed the unresponsive screen issue in iPhone X. The latest update of iOS, version 11.1.2, includes fixes for two known issues – the temporarily unresponsive touchscreen, and the live photos distortion. Both issues were affecting only the iPhone X, however, the update is available for everyone on iOS 11. This update comes just a week after iOS 11.1.1 brought a fix of the autocorrection bug. Apple is currently working on the iOS 11.2 update, which is already available in the Beta program for testing. The upcoming update reportedly enables faster[…]

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iOS 11.2 will increase the wireless charging speeds

iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus will support 7.5W charging speeds after the update. Currently, the wireless charging speeds of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and 8 are limited to 5 watts, despite the fact that the Qi-based technology theoretically supports up to 15W. Fortunately, the situation is about to improve very soon, as Apple has already boosted the wireless charging speeds in the public beta of iOS 11.2. The latest official version of iOS – 11.1.1 – supports speeds at 5W, while iOS 11.2 Beta supports 7.5 watts. iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus do support[…]

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iOS 11 has a 68% adoption, while Google’s latest Android is on just 0.3% of the phones

Google keeps struggling to increase the market share of Android 8.0 Oreo. Google has published its monthly report about the market share of the different Android versions, and the situation doesn’t look very optimistic. Android 8.0 was on just 0.2% of the devices in use a month ago, while on November 7 the share barely increased to 0.3%.Most of the manufacturers have yet to update their most premium smartphones, and some of them could completely scrap the update plans. In fact, the market growth of Android Oreo is only thanks to the new devices that shipped directly with version 8.0.[…]

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