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iOS 10.1 available for everyone, brings improvements and new features

iPhone 7 Plus users can now capture portrait photos with a bokeh effect After a month in a Beta stage, Apple has officially released iOS 10.1 to the general public, bringing a number of enhancements and many bug fixes to eligible devices. In addition to all visible and under the hood improvements, Apple introduces a Portrait mode for photos that is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus users. iOS 10.1 is the first major update to iOS 10, available for everyone with iPhone 5 or newer as a free over-the-air update. The Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus is a[…]

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Apple pressures developers to update their old 32-bit apps

iOS 10.1 displays warning messages for old apps. Back in 2013, Apple presented its first iPhone with a 64-bit processor – iPhone 5s. From day one, Apple encouraged all iOS developers to update their apps and add support for the new processors, eventually making the 64-bit support mandatory in early 2015 as the majority of the smartphones in active use back then were already powered by 64-bit chips. In September, with the announcement of the iOS 10, Apple informed the developers that apps without support for 64-bit would be removed from the App Store by the end of the year.[…]

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Second iOS 10.1 public Beta released to the general public

Members of the public beta program can install iOS 10.1 Beta 2 Apple has rolled out the second beta of iOS 10.1 to testers through the public beta testing program. iOS 10.1 Beta 2 brings minor improvements and fixes over Beta 1, coming less than a month after Apple released the official update to iOS 10 for all supported devices. The update is available to download over-the-air through the standard update path for all members of the beta program. To join the testing program you need to sign up on the website. Keep in mind that these betas can include[…]

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