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iCloud now relies on Google Cloud Platform to store files

Apple switches from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud. It’s been widely believed that Apple uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 cloud platforms for its own built-in iCloud service. However, this may have been changed recently, as the iOS security guide now lists Google Clould instead of Azure as one of the third-party cloud services where Apple stores files and data. Spotted by CNBC just recently, the change could have been made in January, when Apple last updated its security guide. It’s said that: The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as[…]

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How to transfer contacts to another iPhone or Android

Easy steps: transfer contacts to a new iCloud or Android. Buying a new iPhone and then logging-in using the same iCloud account will seamlessly transfer all your contacts to the new device, providing that you’ve properly backed up the contacts to the Cloud. But what about if you want to use a new iCloud account or for some reason – Android. Here is how you can transfer the contacts in three possible scenarios: 1. Switching to a new iPhone (with a new iCould account): Upgrading to a new iPhone and transferring the contacts is a fairly simple process. Sign in[…]

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