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You can now access Google Drive from the Files app

Update for Google Drive adds support for Files on iOS 11. Google has just released an update to its Google Drive app. After installing update 4.2017.37510, users with iPhone and iPad running iOS 11 will be able to access their Drive storage from the Files app. Under the ‘More location’ section in the Files app for iOS 11, you will see a new provider available – Google Drive. According to Google, the integration with Files also extends to documents uploaded to Google Drive, but opened through the Files app. With the latest version of the Drive app installed, you can[…]

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How to tag files in iOS 11 Files app

Organize files by adding tags. iOS 11 comes with the brand new Files app, allowing you to manage your files across the iPad or iCloud storage. But you want to organize your files without moving them to different folders or renaming them, there is another option in Files. You can simply add tags to your files. For example, if you want to group all your pictures of sunsets, you can just create a Sunset tag. Removing the tag won’t affect or delete the files, it just removes the grouping. The good thing is that all tags in iOS 11 Files[…]

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