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Facebook & Instagram password change is a must

New security breach exposes millions of accounts to attacks Have you ever changed your Facebook and Instagram password? If not, then you should think about changing them right now. Every year there are reports about stolen passwords and security breaches. This time, Facebook itself acknowledges about the problem in a statement. During a routine task, Facebook employees have discovered that millions of password were recently stolen from an internal database. These are not minor numbers, representing hundreds of million passwords – between 200 and 600 millions. They were stolen in a simple text file, which was part of a database[…]

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Downvote button tested internally for Facebook

Downvote button will fight against Off Topic and Fake News. One of the most requested features from users for Facebook has been the dislike button. Fortunately, after all these years, the dislike button will come to Facebook, but it won’t be the button you may expect to see. Instead of ”Dislike’, it may be called ‘Downvote’, according to a limited number of US users who already have this option as part of a limited testing group. Downvote for statuses, links and web content will fight against fake news and off topic. If there are many downvotes for a comment, it[…]

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Facebook starts testing ‘Explore Feed’ on desktop and mobile

Explore Feed includes selected posts from people you don’t follow. Facebook has confirmed about a new feature coming soon to everyone visiting the social network from mobile devices or desktop computers. Called ‘Explore Feed’, it aims to provide content that Facebook thinks is suitable for you. In the Explore Feed you won’t see posts, photos and videos from your friends. Instead, this section will let you discover pages and users you might be interested in. Facebook released a statement (via TechCrunch) in which the company explains that popular posts will be automatically customized and presented to you in the new[…]

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Facebook Live photo and video art filters

Art photo and video filters coming to Facebook for iOS

Facebook to add Prisma-like filters to its iOS app. The Social network reveals its plans to update the iOS application, and include tools to create art photos and videos in a way similar to the popular photo-editing app Prisma, but with real time processing. The upcoming update will run ‘entirely on the user’s iPhone’ which means the Art filters won’t be dependent on servers and the Internet. Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, describes how difficult is to add AI-based features running in real time on mobile devices. But thanks to the recent boost in mobile processing power, Facebook’s deep learning[…]

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