Facebook Messenger for iOS screens

Facebook Messenger updated, leverages 3D touch gestures to preview media

iPhones with 3D touch get improvements for Messenger If you are among the owners of the iPhone 6s or 6s plus, then you have probably already got used to 3D touch gestures in iOS, Facebook and other apps. For example, you can open the application and then Peek and Pop to preview photos and other media within the app. If you press gently on the media it will be previewed for you, but if you press on it harder it will open. That’s called Peek and Pop with 3D touch. The latest app in the AppStore that supports touch gestures[…]

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facebook messenger end-to-end security

Facebook starts testing ‘Secret Conversations’ for Messenger

End-to-end encryption coming to Facebook Messenger Facebook has announced that a new feature called ‘Secret Conversations‘ has begun rolling out to select users to allow them start an encrypted end-to-end communication. With this move, Facebook becomes one of the many messaging apps to adopt secure conversations, but the approach for the Messenger is a bit different. Facebook explains that while services like WhatsApp automatically enable one-to-one encryption for chats, the Messenger will have the option to turn on / off the Secret Conversations when you want to. The beta testing has already started and users who enable the feature can[…]

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