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Face ID v2 may reduce the iPhone’s notch in 2019

Apple reportedly looking to improve the design of the iPhone. As the most controversial iPhone change for years, the notch of the new iPhone X may be reduced, but not completely eliminated in the 2019 line. According to unconfirmed reports at the ETNews in Korea, Apple may be combining the Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera in order to make the notch smaller and less annoying. It’s confusing to hear that Apple will try to resolve a problem that has been created deliberately in 2017 in order to make the 10th anniversary model stands out from the crowd. But[…]

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New production capacity for Face ID components suggest all iPhones will ditch the Home button in 2018

Finisar prepares to increase the VCSEL production A critical component of the Face ID system is the VCSEL arrays, and one of Apple’s main suppliers has just announced a new plant that will begin mass-production in the second half of 2018. Finisar acquired a 700,000-square foot plant, in attempts to expand the output for its clients, among which is Apple. The acquisition is in line with the rumors that Apple is planning to offer Face ID with all new models in 2018. Currently, only the flagship iPhone X has facial recognition, while the iPhone 8 duo relies on the old[…]

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Face ID can be tricked if you have a 3D printer

Here is how you can bypass Face ID. A cypersecurity company has managed to beat the Face ID with a 3D mask. The phone was fooled by a carefully designed 3D mask, not by a simple photograph, so we are not saying that iPhone X could be easily unlocked. The truth is that Face ID is very secure but not 100%. The testers have created a mask of the person using a 3D printer, and the cost of the mask was $150 for materials. Unlocking the iPhone X using a 3D mask is definitely not an easy task. The researchers[…]

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Touch ID could be ditched from iPhone lineup in 2018

Apple believes that Face ID is the better solution. Apple’s engineering chief Dan Ricco has commented in a new interview the decision to replace Touch ID with Face ID for iPhone X. This is the first iPhone ever without a physical Home Button, and since the button was also the home of the fingerprint sensors, Apple had to come up with an alternative authentication system – Face ID. Apple denies the rumors about ever exploring the idea of repositioning the Touch ID sensors on the back or behind the display, as many specialist believed in the summer. Ricco says that[…]

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Apple denies rumors about making Face ID less accurate

The company calls the report ‘completely false’. Yesterday we informed you that Apple might have downgraded the Face ID feature in order to speed up production on the iPhone X. The report was originally posted by Bloomberg, but since it was based on an unnamed source we attached the ‘Rumor’ tag to it. In a statement for Tech Crunch, Apple says that the Bloomberg report is ‘completely false’, and the Face ID requirements have not been altered. The company explains that Face ID will work as reliably as originally planned, meeting ‘gold standards’ for facial authentication. Apple says that the[…]

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Face ID accuracy may have been reduced for iPhone X [Updated]

Apple reportedly lowered the requirements for Face ID components. [Update]: Apple denies the news about Face ID. Read the article below: Apple denies rumors about making Face ID less accurate [Original article]: We have posted several articles this month covering Apple’s production difficulties with iPhone X ahead of the device launch on November 3. It appears that Apple doesn’t have enough quantities of key components for Face ID – the 3D authentication system that scans your face. According to a report that has just gone viral, Apple may have quietly lowered the requirements of the face recognition components, which in[…]

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If Face ID is the future, what’s Touch ID?

Apple thinks that Face ID is superior to Touch ID. The recently announced iPhone X ditched the Home Button along with Touch ID, in favor of thin bezels, OLED screen and Face ID for authentication. Apple’s new biometric tech may have certain advantages over the fingerprint scanning, but many users raised concerns over the speed and accuracy of the face recognition. But Apple also launched the other two new models, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, with older technology – Touch ID. Why? If Face ID is the future of biometric tech, as Craig Federighi said in an interview, then what’s[…]

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iPhone X – Face ID interface leaked

iOS 11 leaks confirm Face ID and other new features. Following the news about iOS 11 GM (golden master/RTM) version, more information about the new features planned for iPhone X have leaked online. Probably the most interesting finding is the Face ID interface. Apple has replaced Touch ID with Face ID in iPhone X. Due to the fact that the 5.8-inch OLED model doesn’t have a physical Home button (the other two new models still have it), and Apple could not place the fingerprint reader underneath the display, the company came up with a new authentication solution. Authenticating with FaceID[…]

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