Battery Drain

Faster battery drain after upgrading to iOS 11

Users complain about weaker battery life after the iOS 11 update. Just a week after Apple officially released the iOS 11 update to supported hardware, the software reached a 25% adoption. The update brings many improvements and new features for iPhone and iPad, but according to some users, it also reduces the battery life. Some of the new features probably take more power, especially on devices with the old A10 chip, which could result in a faster battery drain. After all, the company didn’t mention that iOS 11 would improve the battery, as it was the case with the previous[…]

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iPhone 7 beaten by HTC 10, LG G5 and Galaxy S7 in a battery test

A new test shows that the iPhone 7 has a relatively poor battery life Without doubts, the battery life is not among the strongest points in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, regardless of the miracles Apple does with the software optimization. As expected, Apple included a tiny 1960mAh battery in the 4.7-inch model, and a slightly larger in the 5.5-inch model. However, the new phones could potentially have the worst battery life compared with rivalling flagships. A new test performed by Which? shows that the iPhone 7 offers just 712 minutes (around 12 hours) of 3G call time,[…]

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