Augmented Reality Amazon AR View

Amazon Shopping app updated with an AR View

Augmented Reality comes to the Amazon Shopping app on iOS. The holiday shopping season is approaching, and Amazon has just updated its official app in the App Store. It now has a feature called ‘AR View’ which is a new way to virtually see products listed from Amazon in your home. AR View takes advantage of the ARKit introduced with iOS 11 in September, providing a new shopping experience similar to IKIA’s Place app. You basically open the camera through the Amazon app, and then select one of the thousand items supporting AR View in the online retailer. You can[…]

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IKEA Place

IKEA Place AR app now available in the Store for iOS 11 devices

Download the Augmented Reality app for free. After demonstrating its app based on the ARKit earlier this month, IKEA has officially released the AR app called ‘IKEA Place’ in the Store for free. ‘Place’ is a cool app that allows you to virtually add IKEA furniture to your own room. The app has a catalogue with 3D true-to-scale models of select items which you could place in your space. First, you have to scan the floor with the camera and then browse the list of IKEA products to select an item. Point the iPhone or iPad at the open space[…]

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air color modiface

Another cool app demo shows the power of Apple’s ARKit

Preview hair coloring in real time using ModiFace. Augmented and Mixed reality apps will soon become a hot topic, but the average user may be not yet aware of their power. Apple is doing everything possible to encourage developers to create new AR apps, and the first of them will be coming very soon. You have probably already seen some of the amazing ARKit app demoes circulating around the web. Here is another example – a demo app that uses AI to show in real time how a person would look in any color. ModiFace relies on Apple’s ARKit for[…]

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IKEA Place App

Augmented Reality apps demonstrated ahead of iOS 11 launch

These are the first AR apps for iPhone. Most of the major software and hardware companies are taking the Augmented Reality seriously, and Apple is not an exception. The company has invited big technology websitesAugmented Reality this week to demonstrate the first wave of AR apps built using the ARKit tools. These new AR apps will be launching in September, along with the iOS 11 update, allowing users to experience augmented reality from day one. One of the apps is from IKEA. IKEA Place app lets you place actual size replicas of IKEA furniture into your room. IKEA will initially[…]

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