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Microsoft overtakes Apple in market capitalization for first time in 8 years

Apple’s shares falling after poor iPhone sales. After reaching the $1 billion threshold earlier this year, everyone believes that Apple’s market capitalization would continue to grow. But the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were not the smartphones the market wanted and expected. A number of reports have informed that Apple cut the production of the new iPhones, as the estimate sales could not be reached. The result is that Apple’s shares began to decline, and from over $1 billion they now account for around $814 million. Microsoft, the company Apple overtook in 2010, is now valued higher, slightly[…]

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iPhone and Android responsible for 99.9% of the smartphone sales in 2017

A historic decline in the smartphone sales in Q4 2017 compared with 2016. Research company Gartner published a report about the worldwide smartphone sales in Q4 and the whole 2017. It appears that the historic 99.9% of the smartphones sold in 2017 were Android or iPhones, as the third mobile OS was discontinued by Microsoft, leaving customers without a viable third alternative. The smartphone market is now a duopoly. Quite logically, since the market is quite saturated, the prices have reached $1000, the phones look the same, and the hardware improvements are marginal, the number of users who decide to[…]

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Apple with record revenues despite fewer iPhones sold

Shipments declined 1%, but the iPhone revenue increased 13%. Apple posted its financial report covering the Holiday quarter of 2017. The company has reported a 13% increase in the total revenues in comparison to the same quarter in 2016, which is a new record for Apple. The quarter revenues were $88.3 billion, and this is thanks to the international market. In China, for example, the revenues are up 11%, while the non-US sales accounted for 65% of the revenues. iPhone revenues also increased by 13% on a yearly basis, despite the fact that Apple sold fewer iPhones in the quarter.[…]

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