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Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store

In reaction to the ‘vaping crisis’, Apple has controversially removed all vaping related apps from the App Store. What is the vaping crisis? Throughout the early summer months of summer 2019, it was reported that over 450 people had fallen to a mystery illness which eventually led to the deaths of 12 people. The illness was eventually linked to Vaping E-liquid that contained vitamin E. In response, several states issued statements discouraging vaping and some even banned it altogether. Currently, the FDA and White House are investigating whether or not vaping is actually dangerous. Apple’s decision In response to the[…]

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Apple to open a new global flagship store in Melbourne, Australia

photo credit: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft The construction starts in 2019, store opens in 2020. Apple has announced that it would open a new flagship retail store in Melbourne, Australia. It will be located in Federation Square, creating around 200 permanent jobs once it opens in 2020. The construction work will begin sometime in 2019, and the new store will join the 22 retail locations Apple currently has in Australia. The company has been slowly expanding its store locations in the past few years, building new retail stores in some of the key markets. According to the press-release: “The store will[…]

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Apple Store app updated with new purchasing options and card scanner

Apple Store app updated to version 4.4. Apple has just rolled out an update to the Apple Store app for iOS. Version 4.4 improves the performance on iOS 11, but also adds some new features for everyone. The Apple Store app now has a built-in scanner, so you can add a debit/credit card more easily at checkout. You don’t need to manually type the card number in the field anymore thanks to the app’s scanning feature. Additionally, the app doesn’t require a pre-authorization for full-price purchases of iPhone on one of the US carriers. Instead, the user could activate later.[…]

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