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Sub-zero temperatures affect the iPhone X in a bad way

iPhone X loses touchscreen responsiveness in cold weather.

Apple has acknowledged about a strange software issue that affects the iPhone X screen in a cold environment. Outside temperatures below 0º and more than 35º C can make the iPhone X display temporarily unresponsive to touch, especially after a rapid change of the outdoor temperatures. Fortunately, this issue disappears after a few minutes, and Apple will completely eliminate it in an upcoming iOS update.

According to Apple, the iPhone X works best between 0 and 35º C ( 45 to 50ºF) outside, and the cold weather issue doesn’t affect every single user with iPhone X. Customers who experienced the problem say that the display becomes responsive again after up to 5 minutes, or when the phone is back to normal room temperatures.

This is a very bizarre problem in iPhone X, but fortunately Apple is already testing a fix in iOS. It could be released for public testers very soon.

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