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The 6 best Health & Fitness apps for iOS

Let these six fitness apps motivate you and track your progress It doesn’t matter if you want to track distance, lose weight, exercise or just start a healthy lifestyle, iOS so many cool apps for your needs. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can achieve more and motivate yourself by sharing progress with friends and find tips about a healthy living. Here’s our list with the 6 Health & Fitness best iPhone apps for your smartphone: Argus (free) Argus is a free calorie counter, activity tracker and pedometer for your iPhone. The app is used by millions of people around the[…]

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5 new social apps for iOS from 2016

We’ve selected some of the best new social apps for your iPhone launched in 2016. Download them and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Did we miss something important? 1. Airtime Airtime is a new app that lets you to stay close to friends and family. You create and name groups for video chat with up to six people. For example, add your close friends to one group, and your family to another, and then stay close to them anytime. The app also allows you to listen to music while chatting. Airtime even has a special[…]

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iphone battery tips

13 amazing tips to improve iPhone battery life

How to boost the battery life of your iPhone Probably the most problematic area in the modern smartphones is their weak battery life. All devices, including the iPhone, need to be recharged almost every day after a moderate use. For unknown reasons, the phones are getting thinner, thus it doesn’t matter how well the OS is being optimized, the new devices don’t last as much longer as we hope. Here are 13 tips that will definitely help you extend your iPhone’s battery life and get at least 2 days of standby without recharging. Don’t kill apps opened in the background.[…]

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ios 9.3.3

Apple releases iOS 9.3.3 Beta 4 to developers and regular users

The company also rolls out OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 beta 4 Apple has released new beta versions of iOS and OS X El Capital to those interested in testing beta software before the public roll out. The latest iOS available for developers and public testers is 9.3.3 beta 4. This version comes without a changelog, so we assume it doesn’t include any new features but only minor fixes and improvements. Download by going to Settings → General → Software updates. Keep in mind that you should be a member of the Beta program in order to download and test[…]

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spotify logo

Spotify’s latest update rejected by Apple

The music streaming war has begun The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has officially responded after Apple refused to approve the latest update of their iOS app in the AppStore. According to Spotify, Apple tries to do everything possible to boost its own music service by demanding competing apps to use the Apple’s own ”business model’ rules for subscriptions. Citing ‘violating of the rules’, Apple has apparently turned down the latest version of Spotify which costs higher than Apple Music because of the business model under which Apple takes a share of those subscriptions. At the same time, Spotify claims[…]

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iPhone 6 touch id home button

The next iPhone may include a ‘Force-touch’ Home button

Apple to ditch the traditional Home button The physical Home button in the iPhone we currently have could soon be replaced with a sophisticated force-touch surface that sits flush with the rest of the device. A reliable source has revealed to Business Insider that the iPhone 7 could have a totally new kind of Home button. The publication cites Cowen and Company who claimed that instead of physical mechanism the new Home button will include a combination between Force Touch technology and a motor inside the phone to simulate the effect of being pressed. This report supports an old rumor[…]

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phone drawings patent 1992

A man says he “invented” the smartphone in 1992, sues Apple for $10 billion

The ridiculous case: Ross vs Apple Thomas S. Ross, a man living in Florida, claims that the iPhone copied his drawings from 1992. The man apparently designed some drawings of something that looks like a rectangular electronic device with a physical keyboard. He claimed that the iPhone infringes his virtual, ‘hand-drawn’ device, because such a device never existed back in 1992. Ross even filed a lawsuit against Apple in Florida on June 27 asking for more than 10 billion dollars for the ‘violation’. It remains unclear why Mr. Ross is not suing other manufacturers as they also ‘released copies’ of[…]

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iPhone 7 black mockup

The new iPhone to have a ‘formal black’ color version

iPhone 7 painted in Black instead of Space Gray? Earlier this month there was a rumor saying that Apple would release a deep-blue iPhone 7 instead of the space gray color option available for iPhone 6. Macotakara first reported in June that suppliers in China had been informed that Apple would ditch the space gray color and introduce a brand new color option for all Iphone fans in 2016. Now the same source once again confirms that Space gray will be discontinued, but the new color variant won’t be deep blue. It seems that Apple will present an iPhone painted[…]

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iPhone 5s

How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS Beta releases

How to remove the iOS beta and bring back to the official version Installing a beta software on your smartphone has many advantages, like the early access to all new features and improvements in iOS. However, sometimes the experience with iOS beta software could not be as painless as expected. That’s why some users may decide to roll back to the official release and just wait the official upgrade once it becomes available to the general public. In this tutorial we explain how you could downgrade an iPhone or iPad from iOS beta release. First of all, it’s very important[…]

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iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 will only collect data if users opt-in

iOS 10 to collect and track user’s data for intelligent suggestions Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 update will make the iPhones much smarter than it is now. We know that iOS 10 will include several intelligent features that will require an access to the user’ data, and if the users opt-in they will make the assistant Siri even more productive. However, collecting data without permission definitely make the iPhone users worry about their security and privacy. Fortunately, Apple is not going to collect data if you don’t opt-in. A report that emerged at Recode has revealed that there would be four[…]

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