ios 10 beta bug messages

Loophole in messages on the Lock Screen found in iOS 10 beta

Users can reply to your text messages without authentication Apple has recently released the iOS 10 beta for developers and regular users, but if you are planning to install this test version on your iPhone or iPad you should be aware that some bugs still exist and that is quite normal for this stage of the development. However, keep in mind that one of the known bugs could compromise your privacy. First made public by 9to5Mac, this bug in the iOS 10 Beta is related to the Lock Screen and the possibility to reply to iMessages or SMS texts without[…]

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New iPhone 7 case confirms what we already know

A new alleged image of the iPhone 7’s back The reliable french site Nowhereelse has posted a new photo of the upcoming iPhone 7 case. This leak has once again confirmed what we already know, but this is also the clearest photo of the iPhone 7 to date. The new photo reveals information that coincide with previous leaks. First of all, Apple has just slightly re-designed the previous model and the upcoming iPhone 7 will have re-positioned antenna bands on the back/side. We can also spot the bigger camera cut-out which means the smartphone will have an improved camera. However,[…]

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hacked ransom ios iphone

iPhone ransom attacks return in the US and Europe

Hackers are targeting iOS users, demand money to unlock the device In 2014, some iOS users in the developed countries faced attacks from hackers that used Find My Phone and stolen iCloud passwords to place the device into a lost mode and then demand payments to unlock the device. The Russian hackers first lock the compromised device using Find My phone, and then ask for payments between $50 and $150. Now we understand that the same type of attacks have returned in the US and Europe. According to CSO, there could be millions of potential victims, after many Apple IDs[…]

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facebook messenger end-to-end security

Facebook starts testing ‘Secret Conversations’ for Messenger

End-to-end encryption coming to Facebook Messenger Facebook has announced that a new feature called ‘Secret Conversations‘ has begun rolling out to select users to allow them start an encrypted end-to-end communication. With this move, Facebook becomes one of the many messaging apps to adopt secure conversations, but the approach for the Messenger is a bit different. Facebook explains that while services like WhatsApp automatically enable one-to-one encryption for chats, the Messenger will have the option to turn on / off the Secret Conversations when you want to. The beta testing has already started and users who enable the feature can[…]

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ios10 screen

Public beta of iOS 10 available to download

iOS 10 beta seeded to the general public A month after Apple announced iOS 10 at the WWDC conference, the company began rolling out the Preview software to interested users for testing. iOS 10 Beta is available to download for all members of the public beta program, but keep in mind that this is unfinished software and we don’t recommend installing it on a main device. With iOS 10, all iPhone and iPad users get an even better experience and many new features. We’ve already covered what’s new in iOS 10, but here are just some of the changes.. The[…]

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iPhone 7 concept

Apple to finally kill the 16 GB iPhone

iPhone 7 with 32 GB for the basic model? Several reliable sources, including Wall Street Journal, have informed that Apple might finally stop offering a 16 GB iPhone and replace the basic model with a 32GB version. The changes reportedly come this year with the successor to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The company seems to finally offer its customers a much more usable basic phone with sufficient internal storage for apps and multimedia. So far, even the iPhone 6 Plus has a 16 GB version and without a SD card slot, many users have had troubles to keep[…]

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iOS 10 Beta 2 now available for developers

What’s new in iOS beta 2? Apple has rolled out a second beta of iOS 10 to developers, allowing them to test new features and improvements before the public release later in 2016. iOS 10 beta 2 comes without so many big changes, but there are many smaller tweaks and improvements which could easily be spotted, especially in comparison to the first beta. Those who have tried the first beta can now notice minor UI tweaks, new sounds, changes in the Home button behavior, and more. The second beta now allows users to unlock their iPhone by simply touching the[…]

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Cortana for iOS screens

Cortana for iOS updated with car location reminders

Ask Cortana to remember where is your car Microsoft keeps improving its digital voice assistant available for other platforms. Cortana for iOS has been updated and the new version includes a new location reminder – you can ask her to remember where you parked and she will save the location for you. However, despite all improvements, Cortana still struggles to beat the native Siri integration with iOS, since Microsoft’s offering is a third-party app available in the AppStore. Other difficulties ahead of Microsoft are connected with the close nature of iOS, which doesn’t allow so deep integration between Windows and[…]

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health apps

The 6 best Health & Fitness apps for iOS

Let these six fitness apps motivate you and track your progress It doesn’t matter if you want to track distance, lose weight, exercise or just start a healthy lifestyle, iOS so many cool apps for your needs. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can achieve more and motivate yourself by sharing progress with friends and find tips about a healthy living. Here’s our list with the 6 Health & Fitness best iPhone apps for your smartphone: Argus (free) Argus is a free calorie counter, activity tracker and pedometer for your iPhone. The app is used by millions of people around the[…]

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5 new social apps for iOS from 2016

We’ve selected some of the best new social apps for your iPhone launched in 2016. Download them and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Did we miss something important? 1. Airtime Airtime is a new app that lets you to stay close to friends and family. You create and name groups for video chat with up to six people. For example, add your close friends to one group, and your family to another, and then stay close to them anytime. The app also allows you to listen to music while chatting. Airtime even has a special[…]

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